Be the First to Reach Applicants with Automated Texting#

In the world of recruitment, speed and connectivity are the most important factors.

Our platform empowers you to be the first to connect with top talent through our cutting-edge automated texting feature. Engage with applicants faster and more effectively than ever before, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to secure the best candidates.

Immediate Engagement #

Send automated texts to applicants the moment they submit their application, keeping them engaged and informed.


Personalized Communication #

Customize text message templates to add a personal touch, making each applicant feel valued and recognized.

Automated Scheduling #

Use automated texts to schedule interviews and automate reminders, reducing the chances of no-shows and delays.

Real-Time Notifications#

Stay updated with instant notifications when candidates reply, allowing for timely and effective communication.

Stay at the forefront of recruitment technology and be the first to engage top talent with our automated texting feature. Transform your recruitment process for faster, more efficient, and more personal connections with applicants.

Secure the Perfect Candidate # Match

Ensure Best Fits with Skill Assessments

In the quest for top talent, ensuring a candidate's skills align with job requirements is vital. Our platform enhances your hiring process by incorporating comprehensive skill assessments. This feature allows you to objectively evaluate and ensure candidates are not only qualified but are the best fit for the role and your company culture.

Objective Evaluation#

Use standardized assessments to evaluate candidates' skills, reducing biases and promoting fair hiring practices.


Customizable Assessments #

Tailor assessments to match the specific skills and competencies required for each role.


Enhanced Candidate# Matching

Improve the quality of your hires by accurately matching candidates' skills with job requirements.


Streamlined Screening Process#

Quickly identify top candidates based on their performance in relevant skill assessments.


Reduced Turnover#

Accurately assess fit to reduce the likelihood of turnover due to skill mismatches.


Time and Cost Efficiency#

Minimize the time and resources spent on interviewing candidates who are not a good skill fit.

Empower your hiring strategy with our skill assessment tools. Ensure that each candidate you select is not only capable but perfectly suited to thrive in their role. Elevate your recruitment process for better, more reliable hiring outcomes.


Empower Applicants with Automated Text-Based Scheduling#

In today's fast-moving job market, efficiency in scheduling interviews is key to securing top talent. Telescope expedites this process by enabling applicants to automatically schedule their interviews through a user-friendly texting system.

This not only enhances the candidate experience but also significantly reduces the workload on your employees.

Enhanced Candidate# Convenience

Applicants can schedule their own interviews at a time that works best for them, directly through text messages.

Reduced Administrative# Load

Free up 35%> of your HR team's time by automating the interview scheduling process, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.


Reduced Time-to-Hire#

By speeding up the interview scheduling process, overall time-to-hire is significantly reduced.


Automated Reminders#

Send automated text reminders to candidates about their upcoming interviews, reducing no-shows by 50%.

Real-Time Calendar Integration#

Sync with your team’s calendars for real-time availability, avoiding double bookings and scheduling conflicts.

Transform your recruitment experience with our automated text-based interview scheduling. Give your candidates the power to schedule their interviews conveniently, while significantly enhancing your team's efficiency.